Photo: Emma Ball-Greene

Photo: Emma Ball-Greene

unique handcrafted vases

The Berlin based label developed out of a passion for vessels, bowls, and jars.

People have been using vessels since the beginning of time. Keeping, collecting and maintaining are foundational social techniques that sparked the development of communities and cultures. Our vases express this love for vessels, the joy of the object, the distinction of century-old crafts, the haptics of material, and the beauty of color and pattern.

Our artisanal pieces are produced in small batches in Germany, using only natural materials to create sophisticated, sustainable collectibles. Our first collection consists of colorful glass vases and buckets that exude an upbeat, understated elegance.

All vases are freely shaped and handblown glass objects, crafted in two separate processes. After the colored cane is pulled, it is rolled up on the glass bulb and blown into form. Each object is one of a kind in its pattern, form, size, and shape.

New variations, like the marshmallow and emerald series, feature distinctive striped patterns in a wider range of colors that offer a mixed palette of shades and nuances.

Our dark blue porcelain vases perfectly complement the glass objects. Their partially applied glaze picks up the stripes of the glass pieces, imbuing the vases with a fresh frosted look.

Each vase is a great keeper. To keep flowers. To keep trinkets. They can also perfectly stand alone as an elegant statement piece.

Johanna v. Wichelhaus
+49 160 998 11458

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Wichelhaus & Wichelhaus GbR

Johanna v. Wichelhaus
Gabrielenstr. 66
13507 Berlin
+49 160 998 11458
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